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Best-selling author Donald A. Wright gallantly runs to the front lines with a bold declaration for those who seek answers to the scenarios that leave us disillusioned about the fairness of God.


When faced with disappointment, despair, and heartbreak the natural reaction is to seek to understand the one action, missed opportunity, or mistake that led to an unexpected outcome. After all, this wasn't supposed to happen. All the correct calculations were made. You anticipated that when you did this God would do that, right?


Then what happens when He doesn't move to the beat of your drum? He stands and allows things to happen that don't make sense to your intelligence, prayers, or demands for justice. What is the answer when God stands back, leaving you to question the definition of fair?


As you jorney through these pages you will end at the place of peace, comfort, and assurance that God has a definition of fair. And it leads you into a life richer and more fulfilling than you ever imagined.

How Can This Be Fair

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