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Most people, especially men, find it difficult to admit they have deep-seated problems and pains. God desires that these areas be healed. His understanding and compassion compel Him to draw such deeply-embedded conflict out of the lives of His children. Yet one of man's common reactions to confrontation on any level is resistance.


Thus the process becomes one of overcoming struggle with struggle. Jacob too wrestled with God. His experience shows the heavenly Father lovingly admonishing His sons to admit the root of their pain. In the same way God today says, "Tonight, although you resis, I will win, for I ahve scheduled the confrontation so I can heal you."


Although the story line tugs at the hearts of men, there is something special in each episode for women. An entire chapter has been devoted to addressing their struggle to understand the sunken conflicts of their husbands, sons, and fathers.


The need for a ministry of restoration to the men in our world is great. Tonight, We Wrestle counsels men to acknowledge and release their fears and complexes. In a narrative form, it balances psychology with theology to show, through Jacob's example, God's desire to heal His sons. This transparent dialogue identifies and speaks to that need for healing and ultimately brings the reader face-to-face with the Author of all healing and all things.

Tonight We Wrestle

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